Negative comments posted on the NHS Choices website


We are aware that there is some confusion concerning the procedures in place when a practice receives notification of negative comments posted on the NHS Choices website.PC and screen


We understand practices are notified of a comment relating to them following the publication of the comment. An alert is sent to a named recipient at the practice in question (designated by the practice). Practices then have a number of options:


  1. Post a reply, in order to put across the practice’s views, demonstrate you are listening (doesn’t mean you agree with the comment) and deal with any issues raised. This will appear immediately below the original comment.

    Practices should carefully consider how they wish to deal with any negative comments. A prompt response inviting the person who made the comment to contact the practice to discuss their views is a powerful reputation management tactic and a useful defence against an unfair comment. Being proactive can only enhance the perception of the practice in the eyes of the public. Ensure any responses are professional and factual rather than aggressive or defensive.

  2. Report the comment to the website moderator as unsuitable.

  3. Some practices prefer to ignore comments, however, this can backfire on the practice – it can look as if the practice doesn’t listen or care about how the practice may be perceived. It is also a missed opportunity to point out all the good things you are doing. As it is free advertising, turn it on its head and use it. After all, if a comment was made in person in the surgery, they wouldn’t be ignored.


NHS Choices have a comments policy on their website which states that should a comment be flagged by a practice as unsuitable, then this will alert their moderators to take down the comment, consider it, and then either remove it or reinstate it as they deem appropriate.


The following NHS Choices guidance may assist practices in managing any comments they receive:



Last updated : 10 Jan 2013


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