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Happy holidays from the entire Londonwide LMCs staff!

Day 1

NHS general practice now cares for 11 million people over the age of 65.

Day 2

Each month 23 million people (more than 3x the population of London) visit their GP.

Day 3

The number of UK patients registered at practices in April 2018 was 59 million, up 2.3 million since 2013

Day 4

Doctor Doctor, I've only got 59 seconds to live!
Just wait a minute will you!

Day 5

In 1948, on average men live to 66, women to 70. Today, men live to 79, women to 83.

Day 6

Doctor, Doctor I think I'm suffering from Deja Vu!
Didn't I see you yesterday?

Day 7

In 1951. 65-74 year olds make up 67% of the pension age population, over 85s just 4%. Today, 51% of pensioners are aged 65-74, 14% are over 85.

Day 8

44,422 GPs working in the UK qualified here, 764 in the EEA and 3,434 qualified overseas.

Day 9

A quarter of NHS staff working in London are from outside the UK.

Day 10

91% of patients trust their GP, with doctors and nurses being the two most trusted professions in the UK.

Day 11

84% of patients are very satisfied with their GP.

Day 12

Doctor, doctor! I think I need glasses.
You certainly do, this is a pet shop.

Day 13

48% of registered GPs are men, and 52% are women.

Day 14

Doctor Doctor I think I'm a bell!
Hmm, take these and if it's not better soon give me a ring.

Day 15

GPs provide vaccinations to the 125,000 children born in London each year.

Day 16

Q: What kind of music do elfs like?
A: Wrap music.

Day 17

The number of UK patients registered at practices in April 2018 was 59 million, up 2.3 million since 2013.

Day 18

Doctor doctor, I've swallowed my pocket money.
Take this and we'll see if there's any change in the morning

Day 19

There were 8m Londoners when the NHS was founded in 1948, dipping to 6.5m in 1991 and up to 9m now.

Day 20

Doctor, doctor. I keep painting myself gold!
Mmm sounds like a gilt complex!

Day 21

Q: Whats red white and blue at xmas?
A: A sad candy cane

Day 22

General practices in London have been early adopters of IT, with above average uptake of summary care records and electronic prescribing.

Day 23

A quarter of London's GPs are aged over 55 and each year almost 500 doctors start GP training in London.

Day 24

#FunFact! - Christmas trees were made popular in the 19th century by Queen Victoria. She was the first person to put presents under the tree.


Last updated : 20 Feb 2019


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