LMC Finance Workshops - information for GPs and their practice teams

Dear Colleague.

We recently ran three well received finance workshops which saw over 300 GPs and practice managers in attendance. Following an overwhelming response to these events we have gathered and reviewed the information provided and received by both the speakers and practices. A frequently asked questions sheet will be made available soon and the outstanding actions from the speakers are being followed up. In the meantime, I believe it is important to share the headlines of our findings to demonstrate our efforts to support London practices and our commitment to keep practice finance firmly on everyone’s radar!

Please click here to access the supporting information contained in the resource pack that was made available at the workshops.

Dr Michelle Drage MBBS FRCGP
Chief Executive
Londonwide LMCs

Headlines from the workshops

  • An appreciation of Londonwide LMCs for initiating these events and getting NHS England London to meet and talk directly with practices, hear their concerns, explain payment processes and try to bridge the gap between the payers and payees. The opportunity to share practice experiences and realise that other practices face the same difficulties, was welcomed by attendees.
  • Our survey on arrival of the single most important financial issue for practices revealed that processes and reconciliation each amounted for 40% of practice concerns. This demonstrates the level of confusion and difficulties caused by an over complicated financial payment system, which practices have to face on a daily basis. All organisations involved in the payment processes need to concentrate on improving these areas to increase efficiency and practice cash flows.
  • 63% of attendees completed the evaluation form and of these 80% felt that the event had met their expectations and 98% felt that the content was ‘very relevant’.
  • But what we also heard was that some delegates would have welcomed a greater opportunity to raise individual, practice specific issues and some expressed a strong desire for a more detailed session on finance management and likely financial implications on general practice in 2015/16. Strong messages around timings; both the length of time of the workshops and the most appropriate time in year to schedule them. We will undertake to give serious consideration to all comments received and explore how they might be met.
  • With a topic of this nature the information given needs complete clarity both in the presentations and their delivery and some delegates felt that the workshop could have been improved in this respect, that said 92% of respondents felt the speakers were above average.

Positive messages from the workshops

  • 40 character allowance will now mean better descriptions of payment codes on remittance advices and Open Exeter.
  • There will be a London solution to ensure that practices receive their pneumococcal payments for the previous two years.
  • A commitment from NHS England London to provide further detailed guidance on the premises cost reimbursement process.
  • Electronic invoicing now being offered by Shared Business Services to practices.

Please keep a check on your email for further notifications.

Last updated : 09 Apr 2015


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