Updated PGD and PSD guidance

The GPC’s guidance on Patient Group Directions (PGD) and Patient Specific Directions (PSD) in General Practice has been updated to clarify the rules surrounding private PGDs.

Last updated : 29 Jul 2015


Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) Frequently Asked Questions published (25 Jul 2012)

Joint BMA and NHS Employers guidance on QOF frequently asked questions for 2012/13 was published on Monday 25 June: • BMA and NHS Employers QOF guidance These...
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Focus on hepatitis B immunisations (24 Jul 2012)

The ‘Focus on hepatitis B immunisation’ guidance from the General Practitioners Committee (GPC) explains when apractice should provide hepatitis B immunisations on the NHS or privately, and when...
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Focus on vaccines and immunisations (18 Jun 2012)

This revised General Practitioners Committee (GPC) ‘focus on vaccines and immunisations’ guidance has now been updated following the publication of the amendments to the Additional Services section of the...
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CQC registration - what you need to know - BMA guidance (30 May 2012)

This BMA guidance provides a straightforward explanation of the registration process, to help providers determine whether they are compliant with the CQC’s essential standards, and to explain what will happen...
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Guidance for Good Performance Management of General Practice (04 Apr 2012)

An Introduction to a Pan London Approach to Improve Quality, Access and Patient Experience in General Practice. April 2011   Guidance for Good Performance Management of General Practice...
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The M Word Issue 7 - Dr Michelle Drage's latest personal briefing for practices on NHS reforms (01 Mar 2012)

  Through the fog    I felt it timely to send a beam of light out into the fog and try to illumine the way ahead for general practice.   ...
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It’s Your Practice: A patient guide to GP services (05 Oct 2011)

The RCGP’s publication ‘It’s Your Practice: A patient guide to GP services’ is available free of charge and gives patients a diverse range of useful information – from choosing...
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Personal Medical Services (PMS) (19 Sep 2011)

These services are governed by the NHS PMS Agreement Regulations. The agreements are locally negotiated and have the ability to introduce local flexibilities not available under the GMS contract....
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Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) (19 Sep 2011)

APMS is one of the four routes available for primary care organisations (PCOs) to make provision for primary medical services to patients. Its introduction has broadened the range of potential providers...
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Access 2006-07 - Focus on guidance (19 Mar 2006)

This guidance note was produced by the GPC to help GPs deal with the changes to access arrangements under the 2006-07 contract. 
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