Reflective Practice for GPs - A series of four master classes

A series of four master classes have been designed to help GPs identify both the organisational and psychological barriers to change and personal development.

Each master class will provide a brief introduction to one of these four key issues:

  • Behavioural change - cognitive behavioural approaches to reframing problems.
  • Organisational change - what can I do to improve my practice?
  • Reflection - how to be a good enough GP.
  • Mindfulness - mindfulness and stress reduction.

Delegates will have an opportunity to choose a more in-depth session on one of the topics and can attend one or all events and develop a wide range of skills to improve their resilience.


Saturday 12 September 2015           10am-3pm
Saturday 10 October 2015                10am-3pm
Friday 13 November 2015                 9am-2pm
Friday 4 December 2015                   9am-2pm

A light lunch will be provided.


Londonwide LMCs, Entrance D, Tavistock House South, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9LG.


£50 (inclusive of VAT) for each master class. A place can be booked on all four master classes (all four days) for a total of £200 (inclusive of VAT). Please book each separately.

Please note that you can only book one workshop session per master class event.

In addition to the master classes, two shorter small focused groups will be available for practitioners who may require additional coaching. These will each run for 90 minutes. By attending one or all of the master classes, you will gain eligibility to attend the follow up groups and if you think that this may be for you, you should discuss it with the team at the end of the event.

Places limited so please book now to reserve your place.

Workshop name

Master Classes in Reflective Practice

Target Audience

GPs - This programme is designed with the needs of busy GPs in mind and is grounded in an understanding of the psychological pressures that GPs are currently experiencing.


5 hours.


Group work.


Clare Gerada, Richard Jones, Derek Chase, Michael Wilkins, Cynthia Rogers, Frances Griffiths.


Each master class helps individuals to identify both the organisational and psychological barriers to change and personal development. It introduces techniques to enable participants to overcome some of the challenges facing GPs and gain insight into the necessary changes that need to be made to their practice in order to improve their working lives and their ability to continue to deliver safe, effective and compassionate care.

The programme is aimed at those who face challenges with excessive workload, system changes and expectations from patients, commissioners and the media. It will provide a safe space for sharing concerns and identify needs, and aims to give participants the tools and techniques to enable them to move forward and deal with constant changes in general practice and the wider NHS.


  • Create a safe and confidential space where difficulties can be discussed openly.
  • Support GPs to identify and prioritise the stressors in their working life.
  • Provide the GPs with alternative ways of thinking that will help them to manage these stresses in their workplace.
  • Enable GPs to self-reflect, maintain a high level of patient care and look after their own wellbeing, while achieving a better work-life balance.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to utilise a reflective practice model using practice or personal examples.
  • Understand one’s limitations.
  • To leave with an understanding of our personal responsibility to identify our stresses; avoid those we can and strengthen ourselves to live with those we cannot avoid.
  • To leave with a mini action plan on how to improve your health and wellbeing at work.


Londonwide LMCs.


The Cameron Fund: the medical charity which provides help and support solely to general practitioners and their dependants. It is known as the GPs' own charity and offers grants, secured loans and guaranteed loans and finances money advice and career coaching. Assistance is tailored to the needs of the applicant.

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