Salaried GPs

The LMC is here to support all sessional GPs. We are continually encouraging GP partners to provide the best possible working agreements for all sessional GPs and practice staff. We also welcome sessional GPs onto our LMCs as any GP on a Medical Performers list working in the area can stand for election to become an LMC member.

Help us to help you: ensure that your contact details with Londonwide are correct so that you can receive up to date information and newsletters. Make the most of the support available to you.

Helpful Documents and Links 


Salaried GPs handbook



Click to access here

 You will need to be a BMA member to access this document

Pension Blogs

Pensions: where are we?

parts one and two can be found here

Model contracts for salaried GPs

Model contract for salaried GPs - GMS practice

Model contract for salaried GPs - PCO

Focus on Salaried GPs (access required)


            Job planning guidance for GPs             


Guidance examples

International GP Recruitment Programme

IGPR Candidate document bundle

GPs and LMCs

Working together more effectively



Last updated : 31 Jul 2018