Don't forget to download BEAM to LMC - Londonwide LMCs' app


Londonwide LMCs have launched a mobile application to help hard-pressed GPs and practice teams to highlight the pressure they’re under from commissioners and others by taking control of their workload and sharing those requests in real time. 

Beam to LMC is easy to use and can be downloaded from the following links:

Accept the terms and conditions and the privacy notice. Once accepted, you will be given a code at the bottom of the screen. Enter the code to prove you've read the notices - and you're ready to Beam!

The first step is to pick a category

The categories are as follows:

The second step is to choose how you want to report it

There are three easy ways to report issues

 Use the camera-scan-file upload to send us an image



 Use the forward email facility to either forward a message to 

Or use your own mail app to forward emails to the address

Tell us in your own words by filling in the form



You've just Beamed to LMC

Last updated : 01 Nov 2018


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