General Practice During The Pandemic: The Role of the General Practitioner and Practice Team

Our new document, General Practice During The Pandemic: The Role of the General Practitioner and Practice Team, looks at how practice teams are adapting to the Covid-19 challenge and some of the future implications of this period of rapid change. It also contains guidance on a number of areas, including:

Emergency/urgent care

  • Diagnosis and management of patients presenting with acute illness.
  • Risk assessing and triaging these presentations into those suitable for advice only, prescription, further investigation, referral for specialist advice or acute hospital referral.
  • Referring cases of suspected cancer to specialist services in accordance with revised 2 week wait pathways.

Long-term conditions (LTCs)

  • Diagnosis and management of many LTCs in general practice.
  • Referral for secondary care for the diagnosis and/or initial management with referral back to GP for the long-term management.
  • Referral to secondary care for the diagnosis and/or initial management and then ongoing joint management of the patient.
  • Referral to secondary care for the diagnosis and ongoing management of patients.

Prevention and health promotion

  • This includes vaccinations, immunisations, lifestyle modification (diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol).

End of life care

  • Increasing numbers of patients with end stage disease or malignancy or choosing to die in the community with the GP being part of the multi-disciplinary team supporting them and their families through this event.

Patient and local community advocacy

  • Identifying and referring vulnerable individuals, especially where there may be a safeguarding concern.
  • Understanding the local communities being served.
  • Providing holistic care, for example assistance with benefits.
  • Linking with voluntary organisations.
  • Providing patient support forums within the practice.
  • Contribute to community cohesion.
Last updated : 29 Apr 2020


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