Londonwide LMCs summary briefing: Health and Care Bill 2021

Innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all. Full draft text of the Bill.


The Health and Care Bill received its first reading on 6 July 2021.

Measures enabled by the Bill are scheduled for implementation by April 2022.

Next steps

The Bill received its Second Reading on Wednesday 14 July.

It will be followed by Committee Stage – the stage at which amendments will begin to be brought to the Bill – once the House returns after summer recess in September. It will progress through the House of Commons and House of Lords over the coming months. Dates for future stages and details of amendments tabled will be available here in due course.

Following representations from Londonwide LMCs on behalf of London general practice, we have worked with DHSC officials to expand on concerns and have been advised that as the Bill is taken through Parliament, we will be contacted with more information on the Bill including links to fact sheets on policy areas, and opportunities to comment further.


This is the first major health legislation since the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

The Bill was heralded by consultations in late 2020 regarding ICS, and in early 2021 concerning provider selection.

An overarching point throughout the Bill and explanatory notes is the conflation of effectiveness, safety and patient experience under the label of “quality”.

Londonwide LMCs has significant concern that not giving prominence to safety in any assessment of clinical service provision or service structure is unacceptable. You can read more in our response to previous Government consultation on ICS structures, linked from the further information section below.

Read our summary of the Bill and concerns.


Further reading, responses and comments on the bill

Londonwide LMCs:

  • Response to provider selection regime consultation APRIL 2021
  • Response to NHS England’s ICS proposals IN LATE 2020
  • Response to consultation on proposals to reform regulation of healthcare professional


NHS Confederation:

Commons Health and Social Care Committee Select Committee:


Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England consultations and statements 

Last updated : 07 Sep 2021


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