LMC elections 2021 - results

Voting in the 2021 LMC elections closed on 27 July 2021.

The results are listed below.

Congratulations to all those GPs who have been elected. We look forward to working with them over the course of the next two years as we continue our work to secure the future of general practice in London. Newly elected and re-elected LMC members have received forms and accompanying documents to read and return. It may also be helpful to ensure that inaugural LMC meetings are put in diaries.

Over the coming weeks there may be opportunities to co-opt nurse, practice manager and VTS representatives to LMCs, the latter in cases where a GP trainee has not already been directly elected to an LMC. Now is also a good time for anyone working in London general practice to raise issues they would like to see their LMC taking forward over the coming months.


Dr Claire Braham
Dr Neel Clements
Dr Hayley Dawson
Dr Martin Harris
Dr Oge Ilozue
Dr Jacqueline Santhouse
Dr Farzana Vanat


Dr Prem Anand
Dr Sushanta Bhadra
Dr Bill Cotter
Dr Shraddha Karkare
Dr Sonia Khanna-Deshmukh
Dr Jhumur Moir
Dr Richard Money
Dr Mehal Patel
Dr Asad Rahman



Dr Milind Jagdishbhai Bhatt
Dr Prakash Chatlani
Dr Amanda Craig
Dr Dhanusha Dharmarajah
Dr Michael Edbury
Dr Neeta Ghosh-Chowdhury
Dr Jahan Mahmoodi
Dr Rammya Mathew
Dr Mihir Oza
Dr Ashwin Patel
Dr Nisheeth Rajpal


Dr Amrit Bindra
Dr Ruth Tinson
Dr Chris Fatyoinbo
Dr Hamendra Patel
Dr Anita Banerjee
Dr Hannah Josty
Dr Puja Patel
Dr Rishi Chelvan
Dr Elizabeth Brander
Dr Maysa Fadhil Noori



Dr Archana Tina Agrawal
Dr Benjamin Bromilow
Dr Poppy Freeman
Dr Jessica Harland
Dr Farah Jameel
Dr Zainab Kazmi
Dr Marie-Laure Morelli
Dr Natalie Rout
Dr Sarah Worboys


City and Hackney

Dr Lindsey Angel
Dr Carmel Beadle
Dr Nick Brewer
Dr Thangavelu Senthil Kumar
Dr Li Low
Dr Nick Mann
Dr Gopal Mehta
Dr Vinay Patel
Dr Chandni Sinha

Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow (Ealing)

Dr Mohammad Alzarrad
Dr Sonali Bose
Dr Sidhartha Datta
Dr Camille Gajria
Dr Kamini Gautam
Dr Arim Ismail
Dr Adam Jenkins
Dr Mark Mikhail
Dr Jay Patel
Dr Miraj Patel
Dr Anil Sagar
Dr Vichitar Sanghera
Dr Sukhpal Shergill


Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow (Hammersmith and Fulham)

Dr Kyla Cranmer
Dr Seth Dassanayake
Dr Marini Edwards
Dr Emily Eve
Dr David Mummery
Dr Anna Paes
Dr David Wingfield

Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow (Hounslow)

Dr Hema Gopaul
Dr Kapil Kotecha
Dr Parmod Luthra
Dr Mohammad Muzafer
Dr Rajkanwal Sibia
Dr Raj Singh
Dr Navin Thakrar
Dr Varendar Winayak


Dr Catherine Aimiuwu
Dr Miles Bogle
Dr Tim Fenn
Dr Richard Harris
Dr Alpesh Patel
Dr Catherine Steven
Dr Pippa Vincent



Dr Moushumi Baruah
Dr Caroline Hollington
Dr Rebecca Moore
Dr Mary-Clare Parker
Dr Nayan Patel
Dr Niraj Patel
Dr Atul Sharma
Dr Shikha Singh
Dr Tuan Tran


Haringey East

Dr Toni Hazell
Dr Kaine Ikwueke
Dr Thomas Leonard
Dr Mark Steinberg
Dr Michael Vermeulen

Haringey West

Dr Sue Dickie
Dr Charlotte Hamlyn
Dr Tamar Koch
Dr Priti Nayar


Dr Andleeb Ahmed
Dr Chaand Nagpaul
Dr Azeem Nizamuddin
Dr Noreen Ryan
Dr Meena Thakur


Dr Ronald Arulnesan
Dr Sujata Chadha
Dr Mahendra Mashru
Dr Khatanji Odedra
Dr Manish Patel
Dr Satesh Sehdev
Dr Venothan Suri


Dr Cinderella Cohen
Dr Tamsin Ellis
Dr Simon Hazelwood
Dr Grace McGeoch
Dr Joshua Rosenberg
Dr Karen Summerfield

Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster (Kensington and Chelsea)

Dr Mohammed Iqbal Ali
Dr William Squire

Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster (Westminster)

Dr Dennis Abadi
Dr Krishan Aggarwal
Dr Anouska Hari
Dr Paul O'Reilly
Dr Neveen Rady


Dr Azhar Ala
Dr Nina Ghosh-Chowdhury
Dr Natalie Gounaris-Shannon
Dr Penelope Jarrett
Dr Katy Morris
Dr Kate Procter
Dr Emma Rowley-Conwy
Dr Anushya Toyne



Dr Paul Adams
Dr Grace Bottoni
Dr Chris Ferdinand
Dr Rachel Forgan
Dr Melanie Low
Dr Anushka Mehrotra
Dr Roshanne Pai
Dr Simon Parton
Dr Margaret Senbanjo
Dr Phil Wheeler



Dr Paul Alford
Dr Caroline Chill
Dr Elizabeth Higham
Dr Marek Jarzembowski
Dr Raisha Nurani
Dr Andrew Otley
Dr Elisabeth Wood



Dr Sadek Ahmed
Dr Asha Ashokan
Dr Rehana Aslam
Dr Shani Bhaskaran
Dr Tamara Hibbert
Dr Nazmul Hussain
Dr James Lawrie
Dr Annie Mieille Mackela
Dr Saidur Rahman
Dr Anil Shah



Dr Sarah Heyes
Dr Mehul Mathukia
Dr Parvathy Nair
Dr Sivashanmugarajan Ramakrishnan
Dr Dave Sawh
Dr Najib Seedat
Dr Dania Shoeb
Dr Jyoti Sood
Dr Imrain Umrani
Dr Zakia Wadud



Dr Mahreen Chawdhery
Dr Ami Kanabar
Dr Robin Rastogi
Dr Ademola Ibrahim Salau
Dr Lily Topham
Dr Kishor Vasant


Dr Cristina Augood
Dr Lauren Fisk
Dr Claire Pambos
Dr Priyadharshini Senthilkumar
Dr Vidhya Thiagamoorthy

Tower Hamlets

Dr Jaya Aiyengar
Dr Jackie Applebee
Dr Gemma Eyres
Dr Ameen Kamlana
Dr Sophie Osbourne
Dr Emma Radcliffe
Dr Gilur Rahman
Dr Selvaseelan Selvarajah
Dr Archana Spahn
Dr Nirupam Talukder

Waltham Forest (Chingford)

Dr Michal Grenville

Waltham Forest (pan borough)

Dr Adam Borowski
Dr Rishav Dhital
Dr Gabriel Ivbijaro
Dr Dinesh Kapoor
Dr Sanjoy Kumar
Dr Sudeshna Sarkar

Waltham Forest (Walthamstow)

Dr Abdul Quayyum Sheikh


Dr Shafaat Bari
Dr Soleman Begg
Dr Angelique Edwards
Dr Zahid Ghufoor
Dr Jeremy Gray
Dr Ashleigh Helm
Dr Alexander Lai
Dr Jyoti Patel
Dr Penelope Smith
Dr Harriet Wheldon
Dr Harriet Wingate

Last updated : 10 Sep 2021


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