Adding or removing partners from a registration

CQC have now finalised the process for adding or removing partners from a provider's registration. 


From early next year providers will be able to make changes to their registration, including adding or removing partners.  After carefully considering the legal implications and any impact on the CQC’s assessment of the fitness of a partnership, the new process will allow partnerships to change their membership and continue to be registered with CQC. This will be possible by amending a condition on their registration relating to the membership of their partnership.


Going forward, when partnerships receive their Notices of Decision to be registered with CQC it will include a condition about a partnership. That condition names each of the partners included in the application form as the ‘membership of the partnership’ registered for their regulated activities. This partnership condition will also appear on certificates of registration.


From early next year, if a practice with this condition wants to add or remove a partner, they can apply to vary that condition by adding or removing a partner to the membership of their partnership. CQC will update you on how to do that early next year, which will include more guidance about partnerships and amending your registration. More information can be found on the CQC website here now. 

Last updated : 27 Jan 2014


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