+ 4-8 Sessions Salaried GP Lewisham Medical Centre - 10000 per session + Vitality Private Insurance+

Company Name: Penrosehealth
Address: 3, Chaseley Street
Contact Name: Sachin Gupta
Telephone: 07515343160
Email: charlieallen@nhs.net


£10000 per session

See below a bit more about us


* Full Private Health Insurance with Vitality (Apple watch, Virgin Active Gym, Amazon Prime, Physio, Employee assistance program, Private hospital etc. ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbAejlGDRZQ
* 6 Weeks annual leave and 1 week study leave + NHS Pension
* Company Car available
* Relocation Expense available
* Indemnity fully paid for with MPS
* Appraisal toolkit expense fully reimbursed
* Annual Parking permit
* Flexible working possible – starting early or later or finishing early to suit your lifestyle – our doctors leave work on time
* Home Laptop linked to EMISweb for remote access can be arranged
* Annual Season ticket loan Gold Card with TFL can be arrange
* Penrose Health Cyclescheme https://youtu.be/GzNv7CjYaJg
* Penrose Health Techscheme https://www.techscheme.co.uk/home
* Ability to work from home where practical

Innovative low workload for doctor system
* On site Paramedic doing triage and home visits
* On site Pharmacist doing all scripts and queries -EPS
* On site Mental Health Nurse seeing mental health patients and follow up
* On site international medical graduates/admin – efficient pathology result and documents protocol – leaving low numbers to actions * On site international graduate pre-writing all reports, benefit letters, private letters so you just need to check and sign * Minimal on-call duty work due to super-efficient paramedic led triage system
* Capped workload 15 min F2F And 12 min telephone appointments, extra slots blocked for on call and no extra add on -maximum 27 contacts/day
* Well organised COVID 19 strategy and support
* COVID 19 individual Risk assessment and support
* Fully integrated, well supported induction and check out our freebies induction pack (stress ball, water bottle, notebook)

Friendly and close supported teamwork
* Regular resilient support/activities - check out our ice-cream van, Bake off event, basket of fruit and flowers
* Check out our 2021 resilient “Penrose Cup 2021” pitching GP Practices across out Penrose Family for our prestigious Penrose Cup - we have just completed, Penrose Art competition, Penrose Bake off
* HR support to help with wellbeing and internal appraisal and trainings including Bluestream
* Fully integrated use of MS Team, AccuRx, EMISweb with central support across Penrose Health group, double screen desktops throughout
* Part of successful Penrose Health group across Southeast London with central support for resilience, networking
* CQC Good ambition to outstanding
* Weekly clinical meeting
* Penrose Mentorship Program supporting First5 GP
* Highly rated and highly achieving practice



End Date for application 1/12/2021

If interested please apply online below

Salary: £10,000/session
Deadline: Wed 1 Dec 2021

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