Online and social media - strategy, risk management, understanding and managing feedback





The latest offer in Londonwide LMCs' free development support for practice managers, or to a nominated other member of the team who would benefit.

This series of three workshops will run from 10:15am-12:30pm via Zoom on consecutive Wednesdays commencing 5 August 2020. Delegates are encouraged to attend all three workshops which will comprise a mix of presentation and breakout activities.

The workshops will be delivered remotely by MDDUS who will bring their risk management and practice training expertise to this fast-developing area, with details worked into the syllabus of how and when practices can access support from Londonwide LMCs.

Workshop one: strategy - Wednesday 5 August

  • This workshop will explore the benefits of social media for GP practices and how it can interface with, and supplement, other mechanisms used to engage and inform patients, teams and other stakeholders.  We'll explore:
    • How social media interfaces with other communication channels - e.g. email, text, telephone, online consultations and you practice website
    • Which channels offer which opportunities/ risks, including NHS Choices, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Maps reviews.
    • How the practice can use social media to improve communication with patients and reduce known access risks.
    • The opportunities and risks associated with team use of social media to support communication, and business continuity.
  • Participants will be able to share their own experiences and to understand the potential opportunities and challenges associated with the implementation of social media to achieve practice benefits.

Workshop two: management of risk - Wednesday 12 August

  • Whilst there are many benefits for GP practices in using social media, this workshop aims to ensure that PMs understand the legal, regulatory, HR, employment and reputational risks that can arise, and how to disseminate this learning to colleagues.
  • Scenarios illustrating common pitfalls will be shared allowing participants to consider how they might plan to avoid these within their own practice using tactics such as awareness raising, training, policy development and codes of practice. 

Workshop three: managing feedback - Wednesday 19 August

  • This final workshop explores the patient perspective and how GP practices can use this to maximise the benefits gained through use of social media, in particular to inform and refine patient communication and improve service provision. We'll explore areas such as:
    • How to respond to patient comments on social media channels (their own, or the practices), including how to configure channels to manage what can comments can be
    • What the practice can do if a patient shares their consultation on social media, and how to avoid this occurring.
    • How to approach media enquiries.
    • How to use feedback to improve service provision/improve the reputation of your practice.
  • Participants will review risk reduction approaches which can be adopted in response to negative feedback, and will explore strategies to manage a range of challenging scenarios GP practices can face across personal, practice, patient, NHS and other channels.

To book your place please email Karen Piddington, Project Manager, Londonwide LMCs' Workforce, Training and Innovation Team at by 15 July 2020. Free places are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis.

A fuller description of each workshop can be found here.

Note: you will need access to a computer with a webcam, microphone and stable internet connection in order to participate in the workshops. The workshops will be delivered by Zoom, so we strongly advise you familiarise yourself with this platform in advance.

Last updated : 08 Jul 2020


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