We have an experienced staff team who assist individual GPs and their practices as well as individual LMCs in negotiating locally with primary care organisations on contractual issues. Our team of Directors and Assistant Directors of Primary Care work with our Medical Directors to ensure that GPs are represented at all times in the planning and delivery of primary care business by primary care organisations.

Our primary care team also advise our stakeholders on contractual schemes, policies or initiatives devolved from the Department of Health, via PCNs, into general practice and on any local agreements necessary for the provision of medical services.

Local negotiation is undertaken through various formats. Our primary care team also provide support to our LMC officers and to the wider practice team.

Directors and associate directors of primary care are, in turn, supported by an experienced team of committee liaison executives (CLEs).

Committee liaison executives support the directors and assistant directors of primary care, medical directors/LMC secretaries, LMC members and GPs in their committee work and communication with a wide range of other health-related bodies.

Our Directors of Primary Care are:

Our Assistant Directors of Primary Care are:

Our Committee Liaison Executives are:

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