Communications and representation

Our communications and media team are always on hand to answer queries on any aspect of general practice across the capital. We are experienced communications professionals who understand the needs of our colleagues across print, broadcast and digital channels. Our spokespeople are well placed to offer journalists comment and analysis. However, as they are busy working GPs, to help us help you meet your deadlines and story angles, please direct all media queries through us here at the media centre.

Assistance with requests from journalists to GP practices

If you work for a practice in one of the 27 boroughs covered by Londonwide LMCs you can get free, expert media advice from us if you receive a media call and want some assistance. If you receive a call from a journalist, it is perfectly reasonable to write down their question(s), and consult with the Londonwide LMCs’ communications team before responding. You can then contact Alex Orton or Sam Dowling (details below) who will advise you.

Primary media contacts

Please use mobile numbers for out-of-hours media enquiries.

Alex Orton, Head of Communications and ICT
Mobile: 07768 139704

Sam Dowling, Director of Communications and Marketing
Mobile: 07876 134954

Ayo Kila, ICT and Communications Manager
Tel: 020 3818 6238

David Spencer, IT Systems Executive

George Hunt, Communications and Marketing Officer
Tel: 020 3818 6266

Jonathan Ashby, ICT Strategic Communications Project Manager
Tel: 020 3818 6228







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