Appreciation initiative

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Londonwide LMCs are looking at how we can all take small steps towards building better relationships with colleagues at the primary/secondary care interface.

Dr Lisa Harrod-Rothwell, our Deputy CEO, explains the idea: 

We work under immense pressure and our work can feel thankless and unvalued. We know that many colleagues working across the NHS feel the same. 

We all know the importance of building strong trusted collaborative professional relationships with colleagues from other providers but, all too often, the under-resourcing of the NHS creates conflict between us and pushes us into being adversaries. We also know the importance and benefit of recognising anything good which is happening while we work together; yet there is little opportunity to show appreciation for colleagues, especially those working in other providers.   

Londonwide LMCs are introducing a way in which you, as a London GP, can nominate (anonymously or named) a secondary care colleague or community partner who has made a positive impact on your work over the last month. We will then send a letter of appreciation to the colleague and to the CEO of their provider.  

Whilst it is vital that we continue to work with providers to address the interface issues and frustrations, we hope this will help to show our colleagues that we acknowledge their services and that we are all in this together. 

If someone has positively impacted your work and patient care and you would like to show your appreciation, please do let us know their name , position (if known), and organisation, and how they have helped you. Also please let us know whether you would like this appreciation to be sent, on your behalf by us, anonymously or whether you would like to be named. Please send your nomination to 

We will recognise and share the appreciation we receive, and really hope that those working in London general practice feel able to take part in this initiative.