Workforce training and development

We provide essential training for general practice nurses (GPNs), health care support workers (HCSWs) and practice managers (PMs) working in London general practice. We also run events for practice staff throughout the year.

Our philosophy is simple. We offer GPs and practices access to extensive experience, excellent service and exceptional value for money.

What we do:

What are the benefits of our training offer?

  • We fully understand the distinct needs of GPs and practices in London.
  • We have extensive knowledge built up over many years of political, regulatory and contractual experience.
  • Our local knowledge means we can respond to you quickly and decisively.
  • Our training events and workshops are great value for money.
  • We provide a platform for sharing best practice by hosting conferences and events for targeted roles within general practice.

The Workforce Training and Innovation Team

Ann Ayamah – Head of Workforce-Training and Innovation
Kayleigh Taylor – Project Manager
Rizwana Ahmed – Project Manager
Aaron Williams – Project Administration Assistant.

For more information on any of our services, please contact the Workforce, Training and Innovation team on

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