LMC 2018 elections - results

Election results are now available for all constituencies

North central and east London 


  • Dr Oluwadamilola Adedayo
  • Dr Daniela Amasanti-DeBono
  • Dr John Bentley 
  • Dr Martin Harris 
  • Dr Oge Ilozue 
  • Dr Alexis Ingram
  • Dr Elissa Musetti
  • Dr Farzana Vanat


  • Dr Tina Agrawal
  • Dr Ben Bromilow
  • Dr Claire Chalmers-Watson
  • Dr Janakan Crofton
  • Dr Jessica Harland 
  • Dr Farah Jameel 
  • Dr Geoff Wong 

City & Hackney

  • Dr Carmel Beadle
  • Dr Nick Brewer
  • Dr Nick Mann
  • Dr Gopal Mehta
  • Dr Ben Molyneux
  • Dr Vinay Patel
  • Dr Fiona Sanders
  • Dr Francesca Silman


  • Dr Catherine Aimiuwu (Enfield NE)
  • Dr Chimere Aka (Enfield NE)
  • Dr Alpesh Patel (Enfield NW)
  • Dr Pippa Vincent (Enfield NW)
  • Dr Tim Fenn (Enfield SW)
  • Dr Richard Harris (Enfield SW)


  • Dr Gino Amato (Haringey East)
  • Dr Toni Hazell (Haringey East)
  • Dr Kaine Ikwueke (Haringey East)
  • Dr Ikenna Uchenwoke (Haringey East)
  • Dr Sue Dickie (Haringey West)
  • Dr Charlotte Hamlyn (Haringey West)
  • Dr Neil Manttan (Haringey West)
  • Dr Mark Steinberg (Haringey West)


  • Dr Robbie Bunt
  • Dr Simon Hazelwood
  • Dr Grace McGeoch
  • Dr John McGrath
  • Dr Paul Rogers
  • Dr Li-Fay Seow
  • Dr Karen Summerfield


  • Dr Sadek Ahmed
  • Dr Ambadi Gopinathan
  • Dr Tamara Hibbert 
  • Dr Farzana Hussain 
  • Dr Jim Lawrie
  • Dr Chandrakant Patel
  • Dr Saidur Rahman
  • Dr Anil Shah


  • Dr Henry Akpabio
  • Dr Kaindon Kugathas
  • Dr Parvathy Nair
  • Dr Siva Ramakrishnan
  • Dr Najib Seedat
  • Dr Ambrish Shah
  • Dr Hector Spiteri
  • Dr Heath Springer

Tower Hamlets

  • Dr Jackie Applebee
  • Dr Naomi Beer
  • Dr Naureen Bhatti
  • Dr Gemma Eyres
  • Dr Emma Radcliffe
  • Dr Selvaseelan Selvarajah
  • Dr Archaana Spahn
  • Dr Natalie Symes
  • Dr Nirupam Talukder
  • Dr Sabir Zaman

Waltham Forest

  • Dr Adam Borowski
  • Dr Nausheen Hameed
  • Dr Gabriel Ivbijaro
  • Dr Dinesh Kapoor
  • Dr Sanjoy Kumar
  • Dr Dapinder Rattan
  • Dr Abdul Sheikh (Walthamstow)
  • Dr Michael Grenville (Chingford)
North west London


  • Dr Milind J Bhatt
  • Dr Prakash Chatlani
  • Dr Amanda Craig
  • Dr Neeta Ghosh-Chowdhury
  • Dr Jahan Mahmoodi 
  • Dr Ashwin Patel


  • Dr Mohammed Alzarrad
  • Dr Sonali Bose
  • Dr Sidhartha Datta
  • Dr Arim Ismail
  • Dr Adam Jenkins
  • Dr Mark Mikhail
  • Dr Miraj Patel
  • Dr Vichitar Sanghera
  • Dr Sukhpal Shergill

Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow

  • Dr Kyla Cranmer (Hammersmith and Fulham)
  • Dr Seth Dassanayake (Hammersmith and Fulham)
  • Dr Jane Harrop-Griffiths (Hammersmith and Fulham)
  • Dr David Mummery (Hammersmith and Fulham)
  • Dr Samrina Qureshi (Hammersmith and Fulham) 
  • Dr Kapil Kotecha (Hounslow)
  • Dr Mohammad Muzafer (Hounslow)
  • Dr Raj Singh  (Hounslow)
  • Dr Navinchandra Thakar  (Hounslow)
  • Dr Vicky Weeks   (Hounslow)
  • Dr Varendar Winayak  (Hounslow)


  • Dr Nizar Merali
  • Dr Chaand Nagpaul
  • Dr Azeem Nizamuddin
  • Dr Noreen Ryan
  • Dr Meena Thakur
  • Dr Anjum Zaidi


  • Dr Andleeb Ahmed
  • Dr Sujata Chadha
  • Dr Mitch Garsin
  • Dr Mahendra Mashru
  • Dr Mita Mukerjee
  • Dr Khatanji Odedra
  • Dr Manish Patel 
  • Dr Jaipal Singh Sira
  • Dr Venothan Suri 

Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster

  • Dr Mohammed Iqbal Ali (Kensington and Chelsea)
  • Dr Georgina Neve (Kensington and Chelsea)
  • Dr William Squier (Kensington and Chelsea)
  • Dr Dennis Abadi (Westminster)
  • Dr Krishan Aggarwal (Westminster)
  • Dr Anouska Hari (Westminster)
  • Dr Paul O'Reilly (Westminster) 
  • Dr Neveen Rady (Westminster)
South London 


  • Dr Prem Anand
  • Dr Sushanta Bhadra
  • Dr Bill Cotter
  • Dr Ethan Harris-Faulkner
  • Dr Shraddha Karkare
  • Dr Sonia Khanna-Deshmukh
  • Dr Richard Money
  • Dr Mehal Patel
  • Dr Hana Patel
  • Dr Asad Rahman


  • Dr Amrit Bindra
  • Dr Elizabeth Brander
  • Dr Rishi Chevlan 
  • Dr Christopher Fatoyinbo
  • Dr Miranda Godfrey
  • Dr Maysa Fadhil Noori
  • Dr Hamendra Patel
  • Dr Mukesh Kumar Sahi
  • Dr Ruth Tinson 
  • Dr Donya Young


  • Dr Moushumi Baruah
  • Dr Jenny Brown
  • Dr Caroline Hollington
  • Dr Rebecca Moore
  • Dr Mary-Clare Parker
  • Dr Nayan Patel
  • Dr Niraj Patel 
  • Dr Atul Sharma
  • Dr Shikha Singh
  • Dr Tuan Tran


  • Dr Azhar Ala
  • Dr Rebecca Farrell
  • Dr Penelope Jarrett
  • Dr Suzie Jefferson
  • Dr Alex Mackay
  • Dr Abdul Majid Mukadam
  • Dr Tom Nolan
  • Dr Kate Procter
  • Dr Emma Rowley-Conwy
  • Dr Neil Vass


  • Dr Stella Adesoye
  • Dr Chris Ferdinand 
  • Dr Rachel Forgan
  • Dr Anushka Mehrotra
  • Dr Simon Parton
  • Dr Sam Wessely 


  • Dr Paul Alford 
  • Dr Fiona Gibbs 
  • Dr Elizabeth Higham
  • Dr Marek Jarzembowski
  • Dr Andrew Otley
  • Dr Mohan Sekeram
  • Dr Nicola Waldman 


  • Dr Anita Banerjee
  • Dr Mahreen Chawdhery
  • Dr Jane Cliffe
  • Dr Ami Kanabar
  • Dr Inrahim Ademola Salau
  • Dr Kishor Vasant
  • Dr Portia Wuce


  • Dr Kaushal Kansagra
  • Dr Lindsey Roberts
  • Dr Vidhya Thiagamoorthy 


  • Dr Lilian Awere
  • Dr Zahid Ghufoor
  • Dr Jeremy Gray
  • Dr Ismat Nasiruddin
  • Dr Amer Salim
  • Dr Penelope Smith
  • Dr Harriet Wheldom 
Last updated : 21 Sep 2018


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