Associate services

Londonwide Enterprise Ltd’s list of associates offers practices access to extended practice support and expert legal, premises, finance/tax, human resource, business and systems advice.

You can be assured that any listed organisations have been carefully selected by Londonwide LMCs/Londonwide Enterprise Ltd.  Please also bear in mind that these services are provided by third parties and will incur charges.

If you use any of the services listed, please ensure that you let the organisation know that you are a Londonwide LMCs’ constituent practice and heard about the service via Londonwide LMCs/Londonwide Enterprise Ltd.  This will enable any special terms or discounts we have negotiated for you to be applied.  If you would like to check if there are any discounts pertaining to the chosen organisation, or if you have any other queries, please email

Londonwide Enterprise Ltd (LEL) and Londonwide LMCs’ accept no liability for any loss and/or damage, whether direct or indirect, whether financial or otherwise, howsoever arising, including but not limited to negligence, breach of contract or any other claim arising out of the use of any of the Associates on the Associates list as set out on the Londonwide LMC website. Constituents and users are advised to undertake their own due diligence and satisfy themselves that the individual or organisation is the most appropriate for their specific needs.

Londonwide Enterprise Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Londonwide LMCs and is run for the benefit of general practice across London.

Compliments or Concerns

We welcome feedback about the services our Associates provide.  If you have any unresolved concerns or issues, please let us know.  Likewise, if you have a positive experiences please also let us know. All information is welcome as it informs  how we take forward our relationship with Associates and can also help inform other practices.  Please email


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