Mword Issue 71 - Dr Michelle Drage's latest update for GPs and practice teams

Mword Heading - Issue 70

11 November 2020

Dear Colleague

Taking your temperature

Late on Monday we finally received the much awaited letter setting out details of the Covid Vaccination DES.

With around three weeks to 1 December and barely six weeks until Christmas, General Practice has been presented with the prospect of scoping, building and delivering a brand new vaccination programme in short order. Our bricks are a novel vaccine, a nationally agreed DES, and a share of £150m fund allocated to backfill with GPs and others.

Whilst there is no requirement for individual practices to participate in the DES, there is widespread public and political belief that with the commencement of vaccination anticipated in early December, we will see the beginning of the end of the (current) Covid-19 pandemic. And that means that there is significant attention being focussed on what happens next.

Some colleagues are enthusiastic about it and see an opportunity to be at the forefront, doing our bit for the national effort, some are undecided. And some are worried that this is an ask too far for an already stretched general practice service.

Your Londonwide team have been, and will continue, scrutinising the available details of the Covid-19 vaccination programmes, and are already raising questions with commissioners.

Please help us to do this by answering a couple of questions about your current thoughts/concerns/questions regarding the Covid-19 vaccination programme. A temperature check, if you will. Although unlike a rectal thermometer, there is no physical discomfort with this survey monkey thermometer, and it will only take a moment of your precious time.

We will be reaching out locally to further support these discussions, and I will be in touch again very soon. As ever I welcome your feedback at, and as I said earlier, know that my team of experts and leaders here at Londonwide LMCs will always be by your side.

Keep well. Stay safe.

With best wishes

Dr Michelle Drage MBBS FRCGP
CEO, Londonwide LMCs

Last updated : 13 Nov 2020


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