Stress Awareness Month 2021

April is Stress Awareness Month and a timely point to reflect on the challenges faced by general practice over the course of the last year. The Coronavirus pandemic has been a very stressful time for everyone, particularly for healthcare professionals working under strenuous, ever-changing conditions, while striving to provide the best care for their patients.

With that in mind we wanted to create awareness about this issue and provide a platform for GPs where they can access support to help them continue to work effectively. Our dedicated GP Support team at Londonwide LMCs are continuing to develop the GP Professional Support Network for all GPs who work in the areas of London that we cover. The platform provides confidential, expert and impartial one-to-one advice to any individual GP.

Whilst the spread of Coronavirus is slowing in the Capital, the demands of GPs and their practice teams remain high. We encourage all GPs to seek help if they are in need and to make use of the resources available to them. As of April 2021 it has been over seven months since the launch and the platform, with positive feedback received from our constituent GPs and mental health professionals.

As part of our work to promote these messages we produced these videos and have been sharing them on social media over the course of the month.




Last updated : 28 Apr 2021


BMA Annual Representative Meeting 2021 summary (22 Sep 2021)

The BMA’s Annual Representative Meeting 2021 was held virtually on 13 and 14 September. Londonwide LMCs proposed a motion to end compensation claimants pursuing professional proceedings against GPs. The motion...
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Covid-19 vaccination programme update – September 2021 (22 Sep 2021)

The following documentation relating to the Covid-19 vaccination programme has either been published or updated over the previous month: Enhanced Service Specification: Covid-19 vaccination programme 2020/21, updated 20...
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Westminster update – September 2021 (22 Sep 2021)

The last month has seen a number of new announcements affecting general practice and the wider health and care system. Autumn and Winter Plan Last week the Government launched its...
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Recognise the emotional challenges of your work: ask for support when you need it (22 Sep 2021)

By Dr Phil Moore, Mental Health Clinical Co-Director for the NHS in London, co-chair of London’s Suicide Prevention Group, and chair of the Mental Health Commissioners Network for NHS Clinical...
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New LMC terms (22 Sep 2021)

Over recent and coming weeks our LMCs have had, or are having, their inaugural meetings, following the elections which took place this summer. At these meetings LMC members will select...
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Tips of the Month September 2021 (22 Sep 2021)

We provide monthly tips based on common queries which come through to us from London GPs and practice teams. These are shared via social media and collated for this newsletter....
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Work with us to counter abuse of practice staff (22 Sep 2021)

We need your help to combat the growing anti-GP sentiment being experienced by GPs and practice staff. As your representative body, we are increasingly worried about the volume of abuse...
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