Elections 2023: LMC membership introduction – session 1

Find out more about the benefits of being an LMC member and what you will do to support local general practice if elected.

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Nominations for this year’s LMC elections are open until Friday 26 May, if you are considering standing but unsure what LMC membership involves we are running this online lunchtime session and another one the day after on Thursday 11 May.

Each will consist of a short presentation by one of Londonwide LMCs’ medical directors followed by a networking session which will include the opportunity to ask existing members questions about what it is like being on an LMC and how they support new members.

To attend please email marie.vassallo@lmc.org.uk by the morning of Tuesday 9 May.

If you have already decided you would like to stand you can self-nominate via our election platform.