Additional services to support GPs and practices








Londonwide Enterprise Limited (LEL) provides services that go beyond Londonwide LMCs core work.  If you or your practice requires enhanced GP Support, help with business planning or perhaps you wish to attend or run some training then LEL staff can help with this. In addition, we can point you in the direction of providers we prefer to work with when it comes to legal, financial and HR matters.

LEL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Londonwide LMCs created with the business, learning and performance needs of GPs and practices in mind. We are organised and run similar to a social enterprise - providing a tangible benefit to the GP community is more important than making a commercial profit.  LEL is run by GPs, for GPs, keeping the interest of General Practice at its heart.

Our philosophy is simple. We will offer GPs and practices access to extensive experience, excellent service and exceptional value for money. 

We offer some great services, including:

  • Tailored and intensive GP or practice performance and contractual support
  • Business consultancy services - from business planning to collaborative working
  • Bespoke training and development opportunities via LEAD
  • Access to carefully selected professional services: legal, accountancy, HR - all offering preferential rates
  • The Londonwide Buying Group - offering all member practices access to a number of pre-approved suppliers offering discounts on a wide range of goods and services from medical equipment to vaccines and much more.
  • General Practice Nurse Training
  • Healthcare Assistant Programme


 What are the benefits of using us?

  • We fully understand the distinct needs of GPs and practices in London
  • Extensive knowledge built up over many years of political, regulatory and contractual experience
  • Our local knowledge means we can respond to you quickly and decisively
  • A detailed diagnostic assessment undertaken with you will ensure the options presented to you are based on a sound understanding of the commissioning environment.

How much will it cost?

  • Offering value for money is central to our pricing strategy, whether it is access to specialist experts at preferential rates, conferences or seminars.
  • As every GP and practice is different, we will offer you a range of costed services from which you can choose. You will be kept fully informed of any charges before you commit to them, giving you peace of mind and total control of your budget.
  • We don’t exist to make a profit but to cover our costs. Any surplus achieved through LEL’s activities will be channelled back to develop and underpin our core objectives of securing the future of general practice.

If you would like a no obligation conversation with a member of LEL, in the first instance, please contact Kayleigh Cooper on 0203 818 6244 or email Kayleigh.Cooper@lmc.org.uk.

Londonwide Enterprise Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Londonwide Local Medical Committees Limited. Registered and office address: Tavistock House North, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9HX. Registered in England No. 6990874. Londonwide Enterprise Limited is registered as a Company Limited by Shares. VAT no. 130 1454 66.