NW Ealing LMC

LMC Chair
Dr Sidhartha Datta

Ealing LMC is a sub-committee of Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow Local Medical Committee. Ealing LMC has 13 elected GPs.

Local Medical Committees (LMCs) are made up of practicing GPs and practice staff elected by local GPs. With a focus on building strong local relations with your local CCG and NHS England, LMCs represent the interests of all local GPs and their teams. The LMC structure is supported by Londonwide LMCs, the overarching organisation that represents 27 boroughs across the capital. Londonwide LMCs provide LMCs with support and guidance on pan-London and local issues, via our Sector, Communications, Resources and GP Support directorates.

Please note that all LMC meetings currently take place online.


Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow LMC

More information about future meetings can be accessed on the EHH LMC page.

Meetings with Ealing CCG

Representatives of your LMC meets with Ealing CCG representatives every two months. This meeting provides members with the opportunity to discuss any activity that affects GPs in their provider role. If you have any issues that you would like to be raised in this forum, please contact ian.oakley@lmc.org.uk.

Medical Director
Dr Paul Park: Paul.Park@lmc.org.uk.

Director of Primary Care Strategy
Cathy Winfield: cathy.winfield@lmc.org.uk.

Assistant Director of Primary Care Strategy
Lesley Williams: lesley.williams@lmc.org.uk tel: 020 3818 6221.

Committee Liaison Executive
If you have any queries about Ealing LMC please contact Ian Oakley at the LMC office: ian.oakley@lmc.org.uk.

Committee information – elected in summer 2021

Chair:Dr Sidhartha Datta
Vice Chair:Dr Sukhpal Shergill
LMC members:Dr Mohammad Alzarrad
Dr Sonali Bose
Dr Camille Gajria
Dr Kamini Gautam
Dr Arim Ismail
Dr Adam Jenkins
Dr Mark Mikhail
Dr Jay Patel
Dr Miraj Patel
Dr Anil Sagar
Dr Vichitar Sanghera
Co-opted:Dr Ramesh Bhatt
Observers:Kathryn Charles (Practice Manager)
Julie Belton (Practice Nurse)
VTS representatives:Dr Nina Shah (job share)
Dr Alexis Thomas (job share)
Dr Yasmeen Anwar (job share)