SE Bexley LMC

LMC Chair
Dr Richard Money

Medical Director
Dr Sara Riley. Contact via Barry Christie: tel: 020 3818 6256.

Director of Primary Care
Greg Cairns: tel: 020 3818 6248.

Assistant Director of Primary Care
James Winstanley: tel:020 3818 6258.

Committee Liaison Executive
Barry Christie: tel: 020 3818 6256.

Please note that all LMC meetings currently take place online.

Committee information – elected in summer 2021

Chair:Dr Richard Money
Vice Chair:Dr Prem Anand
LMC members:Dr Sushanta Bhadra
Dr Bill Cotter
Dr Shraddha Karkare
Dr Sonia Khanna-Deshmukh
Dr Jhumur Moir
Dr Mehal Patel
Dr Mohammed Asad Rahman
Appointed Federation representative:Darren Blake (Bexley Health Neighbourhood Care)
Co-opted:Dr Sarah Adu
Practice Manager representative:TBC