Advice for newly qualified GPs

  • Guest blog

This year’s intake of newly qualified GPs received their Certificates of Completion of Training (CCTs) earlier this month. For our August newsletter Dr Natalie Rout, Vice Chair of Camden LMC and Dr Alex Lai, Chair of Wandsworth LMC share their advice for newly qualified GPs. Both Natalie and Alex qualified within the last three years. 

What are your top tips for newly qualified GPs? 

Natalie: Becoming an independent GP can be quite daunting and isolating, but there are so many support systems available – including from your LMC. We are one team and are all fighting the same problems. You are not alone.  

Alex: I think it’s really important not to rush into things. Please don’t take on too much, be mindful of what you’re doing and don’t feel boxed in by any decisions you make. Stay connected with the community and lean into peer support networks. 

What sort of support do LMCs offer to new GPs? 

Natalie: If there’s something you’re worrying about or you have specific and technical queries, you can reach out to your LMC. They will be able to support you – that’s what we’ve been elected to do. LMCs help to raise awareness of problems GPs are experiencing with other parts of the system, and relay GPs’ concerns to those who can influence change. 

Alex: It’s all about staying connected with your local community. During the pandemic we worked with our CCG to ensure that locums and newly qualified GPs were kept up to date and made sure that they had access to all local covid information. The LMC wanted to make sure that none of the new GPs felt like they were being left behind. 

How did you get involved in your LMC? 

Natalie: During the pandemic lots of changes were being made to the way primary care worked, and GPs were often criticised in the media. I wanted to see what was being done to support our colleagues at that time. 

Alex: I got involved with the LMC as a trainee rep because I’ve always had a passion about advocating for the welfare of my colleagues, which was really amplified after the junior doctors strikes of 2015 when there was lots of low morale and high rates of burnout. 


Note: the next round of LMC elections is in the summer of 2023, but LMCs are always keen to hear from newly qualified GPs. If you are not receiving email updates from Londonwide LMCs and your local LMC, or are unsure whether you are on our database, you can check and update your details here.