BMA advice on Wuhan novel coronavirus (WN-CoV)

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The BMA have issued advice on handling patients with suspected Wuhan novel coronavirus (WN-CoV). It is primarily based around isolating individuals in their homes or in a room of the practice where they have presented with symptoms, and contacting the local health protection team.

The full BMA guidance is here, details of the local health protection teams for London are below:

North West London


In-hours: 020 3326 1658

Out of hours contact for health professionals: 01895 238 282

North Central and North East London


In hours: 020 3837 7084 (option 1)

Out of hours contact for health professionals: 020 7191 1860

South London


In hours: 0344 326 2052

Out of hours contact for health professionals: 0344 326 2052

Last updated : 20 Feb 2020