Building an inclusive PPG and how to develop virtual PPGs, event for Londonwide practices on 22 February 2017

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Exclusive event for Londonwide practices


Building an inclusive PPG and how to develop virtual PPGs



Wednesday 22 February 2017
This is the second in a series of three workshops to support practices and their Patient Participation Groups in working effectively together in the current climate of change and challenge for general practice.

This workshop offers the opportunity to look at practical ways of widening participation in your PPG, including the development of virtual patient participation, and start building a more inclusive PPG.


Wednesday 22 February 2017
1:30pm – 4:30pm
Registration and lunch from 1.00pm
Londonwide LMCs
Tavistock House South
Tavistock Square
Practice leads in patient participation and a patient member of a practice Patient Participation Group


Aims of the event
Participants are aware of the benefits to practice and patients of increasing the number and diversity of patients involved in PPGs; are able to identify practical options for widening participation in PPGs; have an understanding of the practicalities of setting up and maintaining a virtual PPG and have the tools to plan for wider participation in their own PPG.
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The cost (including VAT) is £50 for two places (practice lead in patient participation and PPG member) for Londonwide practices.

Please note that this event is open to Londonwide practices only.