Check CCG data against practice data with regard to immunisation targets

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Practices are advised to check data presented to them by CCGs with regard to levels of service provision, especially in relation to PMS/GMS premiums. In particular, CCG immunisation levels data should be checked against practices’ own records.

Practices were advised to use the 6-in-1 vaccine when stocks of 5-in-1 were in short supply, but this substitution has not always been recognised when CCGs were compiling their data. It is important that practices flag any discrepancies between their own recorded data and CCG data in order to prevent underpayment.

The data CCGs use comes from Public Health England, who are modifying the search parameters used to gather it in order to capture the 6-in-1 use by practices. Once this is done we are expecting the data with CCGs to be retrospectively updated to reflect accurate figures.

Last updated : 07 Dec 2018