Conference of England LMCs – 22 November 2019

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The Conference of England LMCs is on Friday 22 November.

A full list of motions to be debated can be read here.

Three motions are being proposed by LMCs from within the Londonwide group:

18. Agenda committee to be proposed by City and Hackney: That conference recognises the workload of the clinical director of the new PCNs and:

  1. they must be empowered and supported to resist the unrealistic expectation of all organisations that seem to believe PCNs will solve the problem within NHS primary care
  2. rejects any attempt by commissioners to use clinical directors for the performance management of PCNs and constituent practices
  3. instructs GPC England to negotiate for clinical directors to be paid for the role they undertake independent of network size
  4. calls upon GPC England to negotiate with NHS England in ensuring parental and sickness leave reimbursements, in line with practice reimbursements, are available for PCN clinical directors.

19. Hillingdon: That conference, with regard to PCNs:

  1. has no faith that they will result in a reduction in GP workload
  2. is concerned that they do not actually address the issue of the dwindling GP workforce
  3. has not seen any evidence that they will assist practices in supporting increasing numbers of patients with increasingly complex health needs
  4. believes they are the building blocks towards integrated care systems which will be to the detriment of local personal patient care
  5. requires GPC England to reject this model in favour of developing a new GP contract that actually positively supports the current model of English general practice.

23 Waltham Forest: That conference is appalled that there are no national schemes supporting GPs who have either NHSE or GMC conditions to help them find appropriate placements in order to support them to return to the work and:

  1. requires each area team to report on the number of GPs within their area who have conditions on registration
  2. requires each area team to report on the number of GPs with their area who have conditions on registration but are being supported in a placement
  3. demands a review of the Induction and Refresher scheme criteria to enable doctors with conditions to apply and be accepted onto this scheme.

Conference motions are drafted and proposed independently by individual LMCs, our December newsletter will include details of which motions were passed at the conference.

Last updated : 15 Nov 2019