Conference of UK LMCs 2023

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The Conference of England LMCs took place on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 May in London.

The Conference of UK LMCs full agenda can be read here, including which motions where carried. Recordings of day one and day two are available on the BMA’s event archive, we have provide time stamps for some of the contributions from our representatives.

Day 1

  • 4:15:10 in: Dr Lisa Harrod-Rothwell, our Deputy CEO, speaking about the importance of defining what general practice is, pushing back against workload dumping and how senior decision makers do not understand this.

Day 2

  • 1:53:00 in: Dr Selvaseelan Selvarajah proposing motion 23 (see below).
  • 4:53:40 Dr Toni Hazell, Haringey LMC, calling for greater support for independent contractors and outlining the value of employed doctors who have a strong working relationship with their partners. Dr Hazell is followed by Dr Harrod-Rothwell on how the independent contractor model enables community based general practice.
  • 6:03:30 Dr Marek Jarzembowski, Merton LMC, speaking about the need to properly fund the core contract and restoration of funding to match the activity being provided.

Motion 23: Tower Hamlets:
That conference notes how the effects of the Strep A campaign in December 2022 caused widespread panic and unprecedented demand that could not be met by a system under pressure and::

  1. calls on governments and public health bodies to take into consideration the wider system effects of sending public health messages around single diseases
  2. calls on governments and public health bodies to perform a comprehensive significant event analysis of the effects of national communications surrounding the Group A
    Streptococcal outbreak in December 2022
  3. believes that GPs are not responsible for the management of communicable disease outbreaks as this is the role of public health
  4. believes that general practice is not responsible for the management of asymptomatic communicable disease contacts, as it is the role of public health protection teams to arrange chemoprophylaxis
  5. calls on the relevant national agencies to ensure mechanisms are put in place to commission the prescribing of any necessary and timely treatments.

Parts i, ii and v carried unanimously and parts iii and iv carried.