Covid-19 booster shots for practice staff

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Health care workers can now book their Covid-19 vaccination boosters through the National Booking Service (NBS) or by contacting their local PCN site. Staff booster vaccinations can be administered no earlier than six months after completion of the primary vaccine course so they will not be able to proceed with booking on the NBS until 180 days have elapsed since their second dose.

Note: some people may find it easier to put the postcode for their place of work into the NBS if it would be more convenient to attend a vaccination appointment near there.

As part of the booking process, staff will need to self-declare they are a frontline health or social care worker (HCSW). NHS guidance describes the process and kinds of acceptable ID to take to appointments as follows:

Staff should verbally declare at check-in at the vaccination site that:

  • They are a frontline health or social care worker, as identified by the Green Book and the SCW SOP (table 1),
  • The type of role/work they do; and
  • The name of their employer.

You will be asked to provide as proof of employment as a HCSW one of the following:

  • A workplace photo ID,
  • A recent letter from their employer (last 3 months), or
  • A recent payslip which shows their employer (last 3 months).

The recipient should be informed that their employment as HSCW will be recorded in the point of care (PoC) system together with their vaccination.