Covid-19 response update

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In the last two weeks guidance has been issued on core services and the vaccination enhanced service.

NHS England letter of 19 July

This letter sets out changes for general practice including:

  • The Covid-19 standard operating procedure is now withdrawn, but practices are expected to continue with aspects of it which are either “standard practice” or covered by other guidance (the letter does not provide further details).
  • Infection prevention and control measures remain in place, including the wearing of masks by patients.
  • One slot per 500 patients, per day available for NHS 111 booking.

Vaccination programme phase 3

Details of the PCN enhanced service to deliver Covid ‘booster jabs’ were published on 14 July. The full collection of documents are on the NHS England website, PCN member practices have until 28 July to submit their paperwork if they wish to opt-in.

Contrary to early Government messaging, the booster jabs will be delivered from centralised PCN sites as with the first two phases of the vaccination campaign, rather than alongside practice run flu clinics.