Creating a healthy work environment in a challenged NHS

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This free course facilitates frontline practice staff in sharing how they have adapted to sustain and improve the wellbeing of their teams.

As general practice faces unprecedented, sustained demand and workforce challenges maintaining a healthy working environment and good morale requires innovation and focus.

We know GP practices have to wade through a lot of top-down toolkits, best practice guidance and requirements, when most the time the best source of useful, implementable advice is other people doing the same job and facing the same challenges day in, day out. Using peer-to-peer learning, attendees will be able to take back practical ideas to try in their own practices and feed back on how they have successfully adapted them to fit their working culture.

Over five modules, experts from Londonwide LMCs will facilitate peer learning and sharing of ideas across practices about what is working for them at present. The aims are to foster:

  • Sustainable practice,
  • Satisfied staff and patients,
  • Safe services, and
  • Stable workforce.

Course structure

The five modules will be held virtually via the Zoom/MS Teams platforms. Spaces are limited as the sessions are very interactive and the intention is to allow plenty of time for attendees to have the opportunity to engage and participate.

Attendees are expected to come to all five sessions, to maximise the value of sharing ideas, trying them in practice and feeding back on how they worked. The sessions are also spaced out to give attendees time to try ideas in their practices.

Module titles and aims

All modules run from 1:00pm-5:00pm on a Thursday.

Module 1 – 2 May: Am I able to take a break? Addressing physiological needs in your practice.

  • Understanding of physiological needs and exploration of how practices can support them.
  • Recognition of the challenge and impact of workloads.
  • Exploration of how practices can support safe working.

Module 2 – 6 June: Am I safe, do I feel safe? Addressing all safety needs, emotional stability and well-being, health security and financial security and includes protection from violence.

  • Understanding of the different types of safety.
  • Exploration of psychological safety in practices.
  • Take away ideas of what you can do to increase psychological safety and to support trusting teams.

Module 3 – 11 July: Am I part of a caring team? Addressing the need to belong, fell connected to, cared for by and to care for colleagues.

  • Understanding the importance of team culture.
  • Thinking about the caring culture in your practice.
  • Strategies to improve team culture.

Module 4 – 5 September Am I valued? Addressing how all staff feel effective, respected, supported, and valued at work.

  • Understanding why a sense of being valued is important.
  • Creating an environment where all staff feel valued.

Module 5 – 3 October: Am I the best I can be? Addressing staff to be “the best they can be”, reaching their full potential, supporting personal fulfilment.

  • To understand what is meant by reaching your full potential and why it is important to the individual and your practice.

Entry requirements and booking

  • Suitable for anyone who is in a leadership / management position in practice. This includes GPs, partners, practice managers etc.
  • Be able to attend all five of the modules in a safe and stationary location.
  • Have access to the following technical equipment:
    • Working camera.
    • Working microphone.
    • Working speakers.

Spaces are limited and will be given on a first come first served basis. Please ensure you are able to commit to all the dates and times given above. To book your free place, please email Kayleigh Taylor, Project Manager on