Digital updates November 2022

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There are a number of updates this month across a range of NHS Digital programmes and services.

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) 

NHS Digital is encouraging trusts, ICBs or regional teams to use their small and medium enterprise advisers to help explore the use of EPS in secondary care. So far one supplier has received approval for their standalone application which enables FP10 prescriptions in outpatient clinics to be sent to community pharmacy and work is ongoing with other suppliers. 

Appointments on the NHS App 

Patient engagement portals (PEPs) are now linked to the NHS App, with their functionality being expanded nationally. A patient care aggregator has been built to integrate information into the NHS App to improve patients’ digital access and help them to manage their elective care. 

They are working with PEP providers and participating trusts for a phased rollout of new NHS App features for hospital appointments. Three test sites launched on 20 September with further trusts to follow from November onwards. 

Online registration with practices 

A new, centralised, digital service allows patients to register with a GP online and aims to make registration easier and simpler for GP practices and patients. 

More than 130 practices are using the service and have processed nearly 26,000 registrations. NHS Digital claims the service:  

  • reduces the GP practice processing time by 10-15 minutes per patient.  
  • is proven across all user registration types (including dependent registration).  
  • includes a standardised health questionnaire.  
  • provides onboarding support and a resource hub.  

The register with a GP surgery service is now also integrated with Find a GP on the NHS website and offers catchment area checks. 

About the Digital Partnering Engagement Pack 

The Digital Partner Engagement Pack is produced monthly by NHS Digital Product Implementation & Relationship Management (PIRM). It includes information from NHS Digital programmes/services and NHS England’s System CIO & Levelling Up programmes, currently the majority of the content is NHS Digital programme/service focussed.