General Practice Indicators module on the NHS England primary care website updated.

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NHS England have recently updated eight indicators in the General Practice Indicators module on

The eight indicators which have been updated relate to:

  • Cervical screening to 2017/18 Q2
  • All prescribing based indicators up to 2017/18 Q4
  • Patient list size data up to July 2018 in GP practice profiles

Updates to these indicators may have resulted in a change to practices’ overall categorisation. Where this is the case, NHS England have stated that the updated practice category is now displayed.

NHS England estimate that the next update will be published in three months’ time. They hope that by the time of the next update the recently published QOF (Quality and Outcomes Framework) data will have been processed for inclusion, alongside any other indicators where new data has become available.

Last updated : 17 Dec 2018