Global sum increase to fund 6% salary uplift

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We committed to update practices on the outcome of discussions regarding the funding of the 6% pay award announced for April 2023.

The BMA General Practitioners Committee England’s negotiations with Government on how funding will be found for the recommended pay increase for 2023/24 set out by the Doctors’ and Dentists’ Pay Review Body (DDRB). The GPCE has accepted an offer from NHS England and released the following statement:

In response to the Doctors’ and Dentists’ Review Body (DDRB) recommendation that Salaried GPs and Non-Additional Roles Reimbursement Staff (ARRS) in practices receive a 6% pay increase for 2023/24, the BMA GP committee England (GPCE) has accepted an offer from NHSE, which uplifts the staffing expenses element of GP contract funding by an additional 3.9% (this is in addition to the 2.1% already added to the staffing expenses element of the contract in April 2023, meaning practices will have received a total 6% uplift in 2023/24 for staffing expenses).

The GP contract is notionally broken down into three elements: GP contractor income, staffing expenses and other expenses. Staffing expenses represent 44% of the GP contract.

NHS England has confirmed that the uplift covers on-costs (national insurance, pension contributions and other staff benefits).

This additional 3.9% of funding will be distributed via the Global Sum (guaranteed payment per weighted patient), and this translates into an increase to the Global Sum payment per weighted patient of 5% for 2023/24 compared with the previous year. This uplift will be backdated to April 2023, and GPCE and the Sessional GP Committee encourages all practices to pass it on to their salaried practice staff.

Global sum

2022/23 – £99.70

Original 2023/24 – £102.28

Uplifted 2023/24 – £104.73

Trainers’ grant

GPC England requested that the Trainers’ Grant, which did not form part of the DDRB recommendations this year, was also uplifted by 6%.

This has been agreed.

Dispensing fee scale

NHSE have also uplifted the profit element of the dispensing fee scale by 4.24% in response to the DDRB recommendation. The profit element is only part of the methodology, so the fee scale has fallen overall because of an overspend last year.

This is a blended calculation based on the relevant proportions of GP contractor income and staffing expenses.

This funding is reflected in the October release.

General Medical Services Statement of Financial Entitlements (Amendment) Directions (October 2023)

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