GPC update on type 2 certificate deadline

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Dr Krishan Aggarwal, Deputy Chair of the GPC’s Sessional Subcommittee has sent the following message out to GPs:


“As you may be aware, the deadline for submission for the annual Type 2 Certificate is 28 February 2018.

The BMA has raised concerns to the legitimacy and application of the Annualisation regulations.

We at the BMA have been urging NHS Pensions to extend the deadline and today (27 February 2018) have received the following statement:

“NHSBSA does not intend to apply any punitive measures to any type 2s who may miss the deadline.”

The errors on the form are currently being updated and any queries regarding annualising should be sent to

It is therefore our considered advice based on the above categorical statement from NHSBSA that if you have concerns you do not submit your form by 28 February 2018.”



Last updated : 06 Mar 2018