Health landscape report: 1 – 5 July 2024

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This weekly report shares new data and policy information relating to general practice, with selected facts and figures highlighted.

This report is a flexible summary, with the aim of sharing and highlighting a wide range of data and policy information relating to London general practice published in a given week. Where we view information to be of significant interest it is reproduced directly below the links to make the key points quicker to digest.  

Please feel free to share any useful stats/links you think we could include in future reports.  

Official bodies    

NHS Digital 

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Policy, think tanks, charities and representative bodies    

The Health Foundation 


  • During the run up to the election, Ipsos looked at common perceptions and misperceptions that might be affecting voters’ views about the NHS. 
    • A substantial majority, 89% are concerned about the pressure that the NHS is currently under. 
    • To ease this pressure, 46% support the health service using private companies to provide NHS services to help the NHS treat more patients 
  • New polling has found that 70% of the British public believe immigrants to the UK put additional pressure on the NHS. 
    • 32% believe that migrants use the NHS more than those born in the UK. 
    • However, the public do recognise the contribution to the NHS from immigrants: 75% believe that the NHS relies on migrant workers. 

  Nuffield Trust 

  • The NHS and social care are issues of burning importance for the public, who are dismayed by the current state of both. 
  • We tracked the manifesto pledges of five of the leading political parties in England against a set of criteria we have developed to assess policy on – NHS workforce, social care, general practice and dentistry, and waiting times. 
    • Published during the short campaign itself, we set out six specific tests for any new government to tackle the crisis in general practice: restoring the ability of patients to access their own doctor; tackling patients’ poor experience of accessing general practice; improved use of digital technology; addressing the problem of declining GP numbers; ensuring new roles are deployed safely, fairly and efficiently; and avoiding a structural reorganisation of general practice. 

 London Trusts    

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 Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust 

 King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 

  • A clinical trial using a new device to perform deep brain stimulation (DBS) on children with epilepsy has begun.