Help needed to plan for current and future demands of general practice

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We have important work planned for the next three months that we need your help with. If you work in London general practice in an area represented by Londonwide LMCs, please complete this survey and share your thoughts on current working practices. We are also grateful for the offers of help with our pending research project which will look at the ongoing and future need and role for general practice.

We will be conducting research exploring the views of staff and patients on the core values of general practice, and the practice of general practice both now, and in the future. The potential impact of fast-tracking service change models during the pandemic and the pace of change in the primary/ secondary care interface make this an important and timely piece of work, and the project will run for three months, through August, September and October – reporting in November.

Through in-depth interviews and polling of GPs and patients, as well as patient round tables, we will try and crystalise what changes would support the provision and receipt of primary health care at a local level as viewed by providers and patients, in order to inform and influence decision makers and commissioners.

If you would be willing to participate in a half hour in-depth interview with independent researchers at some stage of the project, please email. All comments and references will be anonymous.

Last updated : 23 Jul 2020