Media Comment: International Women’s Day 2023

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Deputy CEO Dr Lisa Harrod-Rothwell and Londonwide LMCs commemorate International Women's Day 2023.

“I want to recognise the hard work of the amazing women across all roles who keep general practice running in London and beyond. Medicine offers a host of career opportunities for women. But as long as working in medicine alongside family caring responsibilities remains challenging, we will not achieve true equality in the workplace until we have equality at home. Society needs to value a person’s contributions to the family caring role as much as their contributions to the workforce. Our society needs both roles to thrive, but we must continue to work towards removing the barriers of traditional gender roles. We must support women in the workplace and also support the increasing numbers of men who are choosing to adopt the primary family care giver role.

“Across London we have great gender balance on our LMCs, with half of our LMC members and officer positions held by women. We want to maintain and build on this excellent record and continue to ensure that London LMCs are diverse, representative, and relevant. Nominations for this year’s LMC elections open later in April and I encourage all GPs working in the Londonwide LMCs’ area to put themselves forward.”

Dr Lisa Harrod-Rothwell, Deputy CEO, Londonwide LMCs