Lambeth LMC news update – May 2022

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Dear colleagues,

The principal discussions in our April LMC meeting were about our local contracts. These comprise mainly the premium part of our PMS contracts and the Lambeth Primary Care Incentive scheme (LPCIS, which includes the GP Delivery Framework as it was called, and the medicines optimisation scheme).

Revisions had been proposed due to changes in other contracts elsewhere, especially the PCN DES and the Investment and Impact Fund but also QOF. Commissioners say they do not want to pay us twice for doing the same work, so seek to avoid duplication, and would wish to be supportive. However, there is the risk that having overlapping areas in different contracts is just confusing eg there is work on hypertension required in PMS, LPCIS, QOF and now the IIF too.

We have pushed for the requirements to be both clear and achievable, explaining where we think these are not the case. We also need good support with data and explanatory webinars. We continue to be involved with discussions on these.

Public Health representatives also attended the meeting. The Federation currently administer the primary care public health contracts on behalf of Lambeth Council, and we will be joining them in other meetings to review the sexual health provision, especially LARC.

Outside our main meeting we are working on IT support, data sharing, training, GP representation and vaccination programmes – asking questions and providing feedback to commissioners and others seeking to organise services which involve GPs.

Best wishes,

Dr Penelope Jarrett

Lambeth LMC