LATEST: Mword 47 – Dr Michelle Drage’s latest update for GPs and practice teams on covid-19

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Dear Colleague

In response to the rapidly developing covid-19 situation I would like to share some further resources with you, which may aid in addressing some of the queries we have received back from practices across London. I know there are many other issues you need support with as well, and my team and I are working to escalate them upwards, or address them ourselves where we have the capability.

  • Practice door poster re: triage and appropriate service
  • BMJ Covid-19 flow chart – what should I do if I suspect a patient may have covid-19
  • Red Whale covid-19 – check list and guidance
  • Londonwide LMCs’ guidance, Med3 and travel insurance letters requests
  • Practice door poster re: triage and appropriate service

    In response to requests from practices here is a model notice, quality assured by our medical directors, which you are free to display at the surgery door to aid patient triage. It clearly describes actions for patients to take when they present with symptoms of covid-19 or ‘other problems’.

    We have not indicated the time within which a patient may expect a call back, as it is a practice based clinical decision as assessed on the reason indicated for the triage telephone call. Our thanks to Bucks, Berks and Oxon LMCs for the poster.

  • Red Whale covid-19 – check list and guidance

    Red Whale, the medical learning resources provider, have produced a guidance document including a checklist and flow charts for managing covid-19 patients and making sure your practice is as prepared as can be. It can be downloaded here.

It goes without saying that this advice is the best available and is subject to change at short notice.

Please DO watch out for further bulletins and check in to our website daily:

As ever I welcome your feedback at, and know that my team of experts and leaders here at Londonwide LMCs will always be by your side.

With best wishes

Dr Michelle Drage MBBS FRCGP

CEO, Londonwide LMCs