Londonwide LMCs welcomes newly qualified GPs

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As newly qualified GPs take up their posts, we explain what resources and support are available from their LMC.

With a series of posts on social media, Londonwide LMCs has explained how GPs qualifying today can benefit from the services we provide.

Our LMC Chairs have also been sharing their top tips with us:

  • “You’re now in control of your career. Continue to learn, develop new skills and seek opportunities to experience general practice outside of the consultation room.”
  • “Always focus on what’s most important to your wellbeing.”
  • “Talk to other GPs to better understand the wider narrative around General Practice – seeking out social media and instant messaging groups with other supportive GPs is a good way to do this.”
  • “Don’t worry if you are still worried about what problem will come through the door next. It is normal. You will get used to it after a couple of years”.