New Integrated Care Board CEOs

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The five chief executive roles for London’s Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) have been appointed. They are:

  • North West London: Rob Hurd, current North Central London ICS Joint Executive lead.
  • North Central London: Frances O’Callaghan, current North Central London ICS Joint Executive lead.
  • North East London: Zina Etheridge, current Haringey Council Chief Executive.
  • South East London: Andrew Bland, current South East London ICS Joint Executive Lead.
  • South West London: Sarah Blow, current South West London ICS Lead.

ICBs will subsume the functions of NHS commissioners, including CCGs, once the Health and Care Bill now making its way through Parliament becomes law. As of late November 2021 there have been no amendments tabled to the Bill which would substantially alter the role envisioned for ICBs.