Next Steps for the Strategic Commissioning Framework launched

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Londonwide LMCs continues to work with the system to lead and influence in order to secure the future of general practice in London, working jointly with London CCGs and NHS England London to introduce the newly published “Next Steps to the Strategic Commissioning Framework for General Practice in London”.

Against the national backdrop of a policy drive towards ‘place-based provision of health & social care’ within Integrated Care Systems, we have a London narrative which works for us and our patients, which is true to the values of general practice, which is supportive of all our practices whatever their size, and which will enable the system in London to argue for the flexibilities it needs to do things differently from the national expectation. Because London is different: we are a capital city with a rich variety of diverse neighbourhoods with needs which do not get taken into account by national models.

You can download the “Next Steps” document here. STPs, via CCGs, will be posting a hard copy of the document to each London practice.

Last updated : 01 Nov 2018