NHSmail for all GP roles

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All GPs are eligible for an NHS email (‘NHSmail’) account, regardless of whether you are a partner, locum or salaried, and it has never been easier to get registered.

NHSmail accounts have been open to locums since March of this year and we encourage everyone eligible to sign-up to get one. During the Coronavirus pandemic it has never been more important to get an NHS.net address and receive the updates that are circulated to them, GP locums in England can register online:

If you are a locum who already has an NHS email address from your role as a salaried GP or partner, it is likely to have been ‘branded’ with your practice’s name, for example “SMITH, Jane (STATION ROAD PRACTICE)”. You are entitled to keep the email account and ask for the branding to be updated. Speak to your local IT helpdesk (CCG or equivalent) and they will be able to change your brand from a practice specific one to a more generic CCG area or equivalent.

Last updated : 21 Oct 2020