Preventing type 2 opt-out codes being recorded in clinical systems

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As we reported in our February 2019 newsletter, type 2 opt-outs have been replaced by the national data opt-out. This means that practices must not use the type 2 opt-out code to record a patient’s opt-out choice as these are no longer collected and processed.

A letter was sent to all GP Practices in March 2019 from NHS Digital detailing the actions that practices are required take to prevent the recording of type 2 objections and to notify any patients if any have been set in error. To support practices in meeting this responsibility, NHS Digital have provided guidance for each of the four clinical systems used in practices covering:

  • whether the type 2 code are now inactive,
  • how to check and remove codes from existing templates, and
  • help to identify any new entries of type 2 codes since 11 October 2018.

If a practice identifies that there are any new entries of type 2 opt-out codes recorded since 11 October 2018, then the practice will need to contact the patient, explain that the type 2 objection was set in error, that it will not be processed and signpost them to the ‘your data matters’ website. Patients can also call 0300 303 5678, where they can find out more about data sharing and set a national data opt-out. It is important that all practice staff are made aware of this process because if a patient later learns that their opt-out has not been applied they may raise a complaint.

NHS Digital have also produced resources for practices to share with patients if they have any questions. The Royal College of General Practitioners has published a Patient Data Choices toolkit for GPs and practice staff, and training materials in their RCGP e-learning module.

Last updated : 22 May 2019