Result of the GPC England GP Contract Referendum

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99% voted to reject the Contract on a turnout of 61.2%, with 19,009 votes cast. GPC England are meeting to discuss next steps.

London GPs and BMA members across the country overwhelmingly voted to reject the Government and NHS England’s 2024/25 GP contract changes, after voting closed on 27 March. A breakdown of GP and Registrar votes for the BMA’s Referendum is as follows:

  • 19,009 votes were cast.
  • 18,854 (over 99%) voted ‘no’.
  • 155 (0.8%) voted ‘yes’.
  • Turnout was 61.2%.

GPC England are expected to announce their next steps soon. In the meantime, Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer, the Chair, has provided this update.