Southwark LMC newsletter – June 2022

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Dear colleagues,

Southwark LMC is working to keep Southwark GPs, practice managers and nurses, and all those interested in primary care informed of what we are working on and provide details of all current LMC members. We aim to inform you of developments that are important to you with a regular newsletter. We would like to encourage Southwark GP teams to contact us with any concerns and views they have about the issues raised.

KPI Premium payments 2020-21

This month your committee has been involved in consultation with the CCG regarding the 2022/23 PMS Premium also known as KPIs. As you will be aware the PMS premium was started in 2017 as a five-year scheme and has been extended one further year in its current form due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We thought it might be helpful to share a summary of relevant points:

  • 12 indicators remain, the majority are unchanged however, the access indicator has been replaced by an MMR 5 catch-up indicator owing to this being a local priority and access already being a national clinical indictor.
  • We are aware there is some concern regarding the increased Band A and B targets in comparison with the last couple of years. Thresholds for targets are based on unexpectedly higher achievements in the previous year.
  • As a committee we felt it was important to safeguard the principle of continuous improvement over a reduction in targets as it rewards work done and improvement even if the exact target is not reached and retains funding in general practice.
  • We have worked with the CCG on this continuous improvement process. There is now a flowchart to illustrate the process and reviewed the continuous improvement template for targets not meeting the threshold. We hope this will provide some clarity on this process.
  • The MMR 2 target is set at a threshold felt to be necessary for sufficient population immunity – Band A 75% and Band B 70% rather than being set using the previously described methodology. The CCG has agreed to keep a closer review on this target with quarterly reviews to highlight any difficulties meeting this target.


We are aware the immunisation targets are ambitious and there are factors outside of practices’ control in meeting these targets. We understand there are additional immunisation resources available to practices this year is an immunisation coordinator, with input from inequalities and public health. We would encourage practices to seek further information on the support on offer. We hope that this gives greater context to the 2022/23 PMS Premium, please get in touch via the contact details below if you have any concerns or queries.

Best wishes,

Dr Kishor Vasant
Dr Ami Kanabar


Dr Robin Rastogi
Dr Mahreen Chawdhery
Dr Ade Salau
Dr Lily Topham
Dr Wilson Onyeka
Tilly Wright
Practice Manager Rep
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Practice Nurse Rep